Fan Pages

Many NES fans mailed me. So I think the NeverEnding Story is still in the hearts of many people. That's why I want to increase my activities in the direction of a little communication point ant to give the fan work more space, i.e. an own chapter. I would be very glad if you share your opinion with the whole NES fan community.

At first I have collected the past fan mail to a few topics. Who has something for one of these points or further ideas, please mail it to me. The topics you see in the left frame.

Fan List: NES fans; for introducing yourself and exchanging e-mail adresses; --- redesigned ---

Fan Art: Contains different art work of some NES fans, e.g. fan fiction, pictures, animations and more; --- redesigned ---

Guest Pages: A few fans have send me so much that it was possible to prepare an own page.

Gifts: Here you found more fan material that I got from NES fans, e.g. scans of pages of magazines, lobby cards or material about the actors.

Favorits: A kind of survey, what NES fans like beside the NES, e.g. favourite books, movies, to get good ideas what to read or to watch